Kansas City Chiefs Change Name to New England B-Team

No, you are not having a bad dream about Fat Albert chasing Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Wipe off your sweaty palms and calm your night terror. In the above picture is Romeo Crennel, the new defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Crennel is Kansas City’s latest attempt to either build the world’s largest coaching staff, or recreate the Patriots dynasty – with the exception of everybody who actually played a physical part in the dynasty. When Crennel was announced as the Chiefs’ newest defensive coordinator, he joined a cast that includes General Manager Scott Pioli (former New England Vice President of Player Personnel), Matt Cassel (best known as the man with the greatest jobs in America until he had to start actually playing) and, of course, the unsinkable Charlie Weis.

Looking at the new arrangement, Kansas City’s philosophy seems pretty obvious. They are officially the Patriots’ B-Team. With USC rumored to be putting together the world’s oldest coordinator duo in Norm Chow and Monte Kiffin (a combined 132 years young), Kansas City has introduced a duo comparable to a Mabel/Big Van Vader  WWF tag team. Is it fair to call the next meeting between the Chiefs and Patriots a scrimmage? Can the Chiefs just wear Patriots uniforms with the yellow “our youth football league is too poor to order different color uniforms” sleeveless mesh jerseys over them?

The Chiefs may be a little late on the scene. After all, it is now 2010, and the Patriots are so 2007. What’s next? Will the Rams sign Chase Daniel, Gregg Williams and Pete Carmichael, Jr.? Will the Glazers strive to bring Curtis Painter, Tom Moore and Larry Coyer to Tampa? With NFL parody dwindling, it may almost seem logical for bad teams to feed on the cast-offs of good teams just to see if they can get lucky somewhere.

Just a thought.



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