Status Updates from Rocky Top


Because it’s entertaining when people write things in the heat of passion.

After Lane Kiffin broke up with Knoxville for the land of movie stars and song girls, University of Tennessee Students took to the streets. They burned mattresses and Kiffin T-shirts, surrounded the football office and tried to get into Neyland Stadium. They also took out their rage on Facebook. The following are real Facebook statuses from real Tennessee students in the moments following Kiffin’s abortion of all things Tennessee orange. Student names will not be included in order to protect the innocent.

  • enjoyed the riot now back to the real world at 8 am
  • screw you lane, al davis right
  • Bye Kiffin, thanks for providing us with lots of trashy stories and trash talking! We will all give your wife a call and let her know what we think…310-428-****
  • Most hated people in Knoxville: 1) Lane Kiffin 2) Urban Meyer
  • he’s scum. I hope his plane crashes on the way to USC
  • go to hell lane!
  • After everyone here defended him so hard…what a tool
  • Is he forgetting were Volunteers? We Volunteer to kill people!!!…btw I know where he lives…
  • kiffin what a dbag
  • Lane Kiffin needs to jump off a bridge
  • dear lane kiffin, burn in hell

UPDATE: Happy first birthday to the son of Lane and Layla Kiffin from all of us here at Sports Casualties. His name? Monte KNOX Kiffin. Let the irony continue.


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