Whiners and Winners: A Look Back at the Long Weekend

The New York Jets officially took their spot as the coolest thing not named Brett Favre this weekend. The NFL playoffs have become notorious for having that one team that hits a stride during wild card weekend and never turns back. Now, Rex Ryan and his hot dog-eating rookie quarterback are in position to add their names to a recent list that includes the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals. The Jets play a rugged brand of defensive football that is perfectly built for the playoffs. Darrelle Revis is probably the most dominant player remaining in the playoffs and is further embarrassing the league for not naming him defensive MVP.

 The Jets will move on to play the Colts which means that any form of objectivity that I have will go out the window. Why you ask? The answer is simple.

I can’t stand the Colts.

I don’t like that they treat the last few games of every regular season like preseason. I don’t like that their coaching staff robbed their players and fans of a possible perfect season. I don’t like that their players lied after the game and said that a perfect season wasn’t important to them.

Okay, I sound bitter, and I might be.

Only about five or six months removed from being a doubter, I feel compelled to ask one question: How awesome is it to watch Brett Favre right now? Yes, like many, I got pretty sick of Brett over the last year and was not very excited about seeing him play for the Vikings this season. However, he has approached this season with the enthusiasm and passion that we are used to seeing in Favre. A far cry from the pitiful rendition that we were forced to watch as he walked through his time in the Meadowlands without any real meaning.

Speaking of Favre, Keith Brooking cannot stop him and he is NOT happy about it.

"He ran up the score on me."

Brooking, Cowboys starting linebacker and perpetual whiner, drew the attention of Fox cameras on Sunday when he angrily confronted the Vikings sideline after their final touchdown. Fox microphones picked up Brooking saying something along the lines of “I’m going to take my toys and go home now because you’re not playing nice.”

Memo to Brooking: You play for the Cowboys, the most heavily promoted and media focused team this side of the Yankees. If a team has a chance to drop 100 on your “America’s Team” persona and ridiculously excessive palace of a stadium then they probably will. It is your job to stop them which you obviously were not capable of doing.

Moving on.

The Wade Phillips/Jerry Jones relationship continues to somehow stay intact. These two seem from all angles to be opposites. Wade Phillips is the  quaint, humble leader while Jerry Jones is the flashy, “if the Cowboys are in the news, that’s all that matters” frontman. I don’t see this partnership lasting any longer than one more non-Super Bowl season.

"My Precious."

In other news, Floyd Mayweather is looking to fight Shane Mosley as a replacement for Mosley’s previous opponent Andre Berto who has pulled out after losing eight family members in the tragic Haiti earthquake. The fight marks another Mayweather quest for an irrelevant payday.

Seriously, boxing has truly become the most pathetic sporting institution in all of athletics. Name one other sport where fans only want one thing and the sport fails to deliver. The political disaster between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, in my mind, signifies the end of a sport that some already feel is over. In the entire sport, there are two damn people that anybody outside of Teddy Atlas cares about watching, and boxing promoters can’t make these two people get in a ring together.

Please somebody knock this man out.

UFC save me.

Finally, people are finally starting to publicly notice the fact that the Pro Bowl is not going to be in Hawaii this year. I think that this is great news. For those who don’t know, this years Pro Bowl will be held in Miami as a sort of kickoff for the week’s Super Bowl festivities. I think it will be a cool atmosphere as the game will have that Super Bowl week party vibe instead of its traditional post-everything indifference.

In fact, having the game in a different city every year can only be good for the Pro Bowl because the game is the same thing every year. It is the least intriguing all-star game so anything that can freshen it up is a positive. It’s not like any players will be missing out on their vacation to Hawaii. They are professional football players, I think they can afford a trip of their own that doesn’t involve quirky practices with somebody else’s coaching staff.

Happy Tuesday.


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