Sunday Funday: The Conference Championship Edition

Don’t get spoiled to this.

While we here at Sports Casualties do not typically work weekends, I have decided to make an exception on this Domeday Championship Sunday for two reasons. The first being that I don’t want to let these games begin without berating you, the loyal reader, with my opinions of them. The second reason is that if I am greeted by Scott “The Body” Brown one more time when checking up on the Web site, I may be permanently scarred.

I will be giving my brief thoughts on today’s games, and just to further destroy my credibility as an objective journalist here at Sports Casualties, I will be declaring what I want to happen and what I think will happen.

Let the party begin.

From L to R: highly marketable quarterback, caribbean cowboy

Jets vs. Colts

What I want to happen: Jets win. Jets win. Jets win. Did I mention I want the Jets to win? I’ve previously stated here that I despise the Colts and that sentiment still stands. I don’t particularly care for the Jets either, but they are a team with guts and I can admire that. Meanwhile, the Colts are the same ho-hum team that they have been for the last decade. CBS will surely be cheering for a Vikings-Colts, Favre-Goober match-up on Feb. 7. Good thing I don’t work for CBS and could care less what kind of ratings they get.

What will happen: Colts win, blah. This is the day that the Jets gritty run likely comes to an end. The Colts are good, real good, and their starters seem to be reacting well to barely playing for the last month. Revis will shut down Wayne, but the Colts have other options. The lackluster Jets offense headlined by Mark “Vinny Chase” Sanchez (props to Robbie for that one) will finally hit the realization that the defense can’t do everything for them. I hope I’m wrong and the physical run game is too much for the Colts, but I doubt it. In the end, I think the Jets are more 1999 Bucs than 2000 Ravens.

Prediction: Colts 24 Jets 10

Still playing the game like a kid.

Vikings vs. Saints

What I want to happen: Unless you’re from New Orleans or you’re Kanye West, you should be cheering for the Vikings here. And yes, I hate it when people say “OMG you HAVE to cheer for this team” (dear 2006 Saints, I loathe you), but I’m going to do it here anyways.

I want to see Favre pretend that he’s going to retire after a Super Bowl victory. I want to see Percy Harvin win a championship. I want to see Jared “The King of Swing” Allen’s antics after his first championship. And yes, while we’re on the topic of biased coverage, Allen is my favorite current NFL player. He has a son named after Rowdy Roddy Piper, and he has a mullet. He wins in my book. Go Vikes.

What will happen: Percy Harvin will play and the Vikings will win. The Superdome will be loud, Brees will be focused and Reggie Bush will be ready to execute the most “electrifying” three-yard runs in football. None of that matters. The Vikings are the best team in football right now. CBS gets their dream Super Bowl XL-something game. Also, because I can tie my hometown team into any conversation, no team has ever lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during the regular season and won the Super Bowl that year. Give it up New Orleans.

Prediction: Vikings 35 Saints 24

Great day to be an American.


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