Create-a-Logo Contest


Your Mission: Top This

In honor of Kobe Bryant passing Jerry “The Logo” West as the Lakers all-time leading scorer, Sports Casualties would like to announce its first and only Create-a-Logo Contest, where you, the creatively minded reader do what two severely limited journalism majors cannot…

Um, make us a logo.

It can be photographic, cartoonish, computer-generated, whatever. Just please consider our tone and slogan (“Wildly Entertaining, Mildly Offensive”) in the creative process. Really, anything goes when it comes to themes, color schemes, subject matter, etc. It can be funny or serious.

But if it’s serious, it won’t be considered.

Please format submissions to 700 pixels in width by 200 pixels in height. Or just look at that Swamp pic at the top of the screen and try to make it match.

Save your work with a .jpg, .gif, or .psd extension. Or something similarly useful.

Then send your virus-free submissions to You know what, send the ones with viruses, too. I got a Mac.

After an undetermined length of time, we will choose from the best (read: “only”) proposals and immortalize the winner in hypertext by gifting him or her with a very own feature and/or guest column.

Oh, and we’ll put up the logo as well.

Thanks in advance,

Robbie and Bryan

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