Pictures of The King

Takes longer to load than it does to read.

Billy Jean: "You're wasting your time, Bill."


Tyra, lookin' fine.


The Smugglin' King


FCC on standby.


Chef: "You're SURE you can eat solids?"


Get it?


Waiting his turn.


Regard for terror, not foul balls.


My kinda king.


Bryan Holt's kinda king.


Fan of ill communicating, sabotage, skinny ties.


King sandwich.


First coffee, then sex on fire.


Solely for Alan Flaten and the 8-year-old version of myself.


Jerry Lawler at 27. Take note, aspiring wrestlers.


The forbidden lovechild of "Vendetta's" V and Flavor Flav.


"Hmm... If Macaulay isn't doing anything... and Bubbles isn't busy..."


King James, 150 pounds and a can of Afro Sheen ago.


Pre-CGI King.


King of longball, strikeout, questionable facial hair.


From Right to Left: Carole King, Inside Trader.


"A better grip? Anything to fix Iraq."


Felix: "Ken Griffey!? No sh*t! You were my favorite player in kindergarten."


– Robbie



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4 responses to “Pictures of The King

  1. bholt11

    Jerry Lawler and Richard Petty in the same post. This is bound for greatness.

  2. Kyle

    No pictures of King Felix???? What a disgrace.

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