CNBC Fab 5 Pics: Drury-Regan Edition

In the interest of full disclosure, this post is designed to drive search engine traffic and fill space. If you come in with low expectations, you could be pleasantly surprised. 

Well friends, I come to you with mixed feelings about the week that was. On the one hand, the Braves have won three straight in bottom-of-the-ninth fashion. The latter two came via a 2-out Heyward double and a Brooks Conrad walk-off slam to cap a 7-run comeback, respectively. Atlanta’s back over .500, which means I can start watching baseball again.

On the other hand, the market’s on the brink of a Louganis-style nosedive, and I’m pretty sure that the credit clusterf*** currently swallowing Europe is the same exact thing we were dealing with in the summer of ’08. All the major averages are now down for the year, and the S&P is off a full 12 percent from 2010 highs. Everyone’s talking “correction,” which is basically another way of saying, “Take all the cash you have left and put it under your mattress.”

A lone word of advise, Casualtists: buy bonds… I think our “V”-shaped recovery is about to turn into a “W”. 

Of course, there’s a silver lining to every cloud, or in this case, two silver linings: CNBC’s Trish Regan (the brunette) and Mandy Drury (the Bond girl). In case you missed it, here’s a brief, SC-exclusive checkup on two of the best (and most smokin’) anchors in the business. Lucky for you, there’s an inverse correlation between Dow performance and hotness.

This is your CNBC week in review. Enjoy.

Saved the best for last, no?

– Robbie


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3 responses to “CNBC Fab 5 Pics: Drury-Regan Edition

  1. qbytheU

    A nice way to close out the week to be sure…

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