Special thanks to Kyle Rancourt of for the title of this post. I totally stole it from him.

Several months ago, Sports Casualties put out a call for fan-generated site art via the first and only annual “SC Logo Contest.” Through no fault of their own, our some four readers at the time possessed little to no artistic talent. Turns out “aesthetic appreciation” really isn’t our sweet spot. I should have known…

So I did what any good nephew would do – hit up my mom’s sister (aka “Aunt Andi”) for a new logo, something that could replace that flaccid orange and blue “Swamp” photo shot by yours truly.

Here’s all you need to know about my aunt: she became my favorite relative roughly around the time she painted a giant Sebastian The Ibis over my bunk bed some 16 years ago. She’s the kind of person who opts for “Radiohead DVD” over “too-big sweater” as Christmas gift of choice. She also has a fireball daughter who may or may not be the spitting image of Goldilocks. In short, she’s pretty awesome.

Anyhow, I put in a request (read: made a desperate plea) for a new design with the condition that, uh, there were no conditions. She was game, and to my pleasant surprise, swamped my inbox a few weeks ago with some of the finest examples of outsourced labor I’ve seen in a long while… Turns out she got a couple of her superstar art students to mock up several cool designs, all of which you can see below.

To future famous people/Aunt Andi art students/Casualtists Hannah and Sarah, we send our very sincerest thanks. We already use one logo for our Twitter page and will be sure to make use of the others when we redesign the site later this summer. In the words of Chris “Mad Dog” Russo, great job by you guys. Drinks on us (when you’re in Gainesville… and of legal drinking age). Cheers. 

Hannah, Logo 1

Hannah, Logo 2

Hannah, Logo 3

Sarah, Logo 1



– Robbie


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5 responses to “Props.

  1. Charlie

    Numero tres

  2. qbytheU

    I think U need “Sports Casualties” spelled out until you approach icon status (a la swoosh). I like # 3…even though the simplicity of #4 is compelling.

  3. SFGator

    Why is the soccer chick kicking a basketball?

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