Sports Casualties is the collective effort of two University of Florida journalism students to tie the world of sports in with the less important world around it. This blog sets out to capture the wildly entertaining, mildly offensive thoughts of its co-authors, Robbie Hilson and Bryan Holt. If you got the time, sit back, kick your legs up, and waste – er, enjoy – the moments of your day that you will never get back. Feel free to casually observe, or be an active reader and throw us some feedback. And as always, we look forward to bringing you the very best and worst  in sporting news. Thanks for stopping by.


3 responses to “About

  1. Doug

    “The lesson here is Canada sucks?” How about the lesson here is “the arrogant, ignorant, fat-ass American Empire will fall hard and fast and the rest of the world not only won’t give a rats ass about it, some will be quite thrilled”.

  2. j52

    Just stumbled upon your blog and see that you seek to examine the “world”. Some world! The Canada bashing in the coverage of the NBA trade deadline and the Winter Olympics demonstrates that your “world” is indeed a very small place. Good luck with the journalism career! Can’t really ever see you explaining the political intricacies of an international summit while on assignment in Europe, but I’m sure you’ll do a bang-up job covering high-school sports for your local Shoppers News.

  3. J52, are you THE J.W. Stewart? If so, thanks for reading and I take back what I said about you last week.

    Gainesville is indeed a very small place – not very “cultured” I guess you could say.

    And if this “Europe” you speak of is another country, I really have no desire to go there, but I appreciate the well wishes.

    Also, here are our latest thoughts on Canada. Enjoy.


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